BISONWOOD's extensive experience, deep relationships, and thorough process allow us to compete globally and act locally.

Bisonwood's approach to investing is focused on asset allocation, which is the division of a portfolio's investments among asset classes to balance expected risk and reward. These asset classes include, but are not limited to, small and large stocks, value and growth stocks, domestic and international securities, emerging market securities, real estate, commodities, and corporate and government bonds.

This approach is influenced by the work of Nobel Prize laureates William Sharpe and Harry Markowitz, who shaped the role of financial science in investing through their development of Modern Portfolio Theory ("MPT"). MPT states that a portfolio diversified across asset classes offers the best opportunity for an investor to achieve the highest possible return for a given level of risk.


Between our decades of experience of investing in markets and the work of Nobel Prize-winning economists, we believe that having the right mix of asset exposure is the best predictor of long-term results.

Because of this, we create customized asset allocations for every client with a focus on detailed analysis rather than simple definitions of assets. This means that we carefully evaluate each investment's risk/return profile and it's effect within a well-balanced portfolio.


Our client's often face complex tax issues, and we focus on finding tax-efficient solutions and investment strategies that consider the implications of our client's circumstances and our investment decisions.