We believe that a wealth manager should be both high-tech and high-touch. 

One of the reasons that we’ve been successful for over 30 years in the traditional wealth management business is because we believe our clients deserve the best. For the most part, this has meant keeping pace with advancements in financial science, asset allocation and tax efficiency, but it also applies to technology as well. 

Namely, there are three core areas where our adoption of technology has made a meaningful and positive impact on our clients.

1. Connect

All of the investment accounts we advise are held at Fidelity, which allows 24/7 access to view position, check statements, or get tax reports online. Through our client portal, we also allow clients to monitor their other financial accounts, in addition to the ones at Fidelity. There’s also a secure, digital vault, which has unlimited storage, to safely store sensitive documents. 

2. Advise

We design portfolios and give tailored financial advice based on a clients unique situation, and with the democratization of financial technology, our ability to do this has never been better. Through our client portal, clients can monitor their spending and set targets around budgeting by connecting their other banking accounts. For a professional opinion, this information can even be shared with your advisor. 

3. Invest

Technology allows us to bring investment opportunities and strategies used by professional investors and institutions to a broader range of clients. Particular to clients, it allows us to effectively monitor and adjust asset allocations based on a clients personal financial goals, risk tolerances, and diversification needs. 


At Bisonwood, we view technology as a tool, which should be used to improve a clients experience, and this means that we adopt systems to make our clients lives easier. Whether that is through our mobile app or a clearly communicated newsletter, our goal is to provide clients with an approachable and world-class investment experience.