Our vision is to become your family’s chief financial officer.

Bisonwood’s official, industry description would be as an investment management and wealth advisory firm. This means that we incorporate financial planning, investment portfolio management, and a number of other aggregated financial services.


Financial Planning

This area of Bisonwood most often encompasses financial help around multi-generational wealth transfer planning, retirement planning, and college planning. 

As clients enter different life stages, these planning discussions often start in one area and end up in another. Conversations about ‘how to prioritize which loan to pay back’, move on to ‘how to save for a house’, and end up with ‘how much money needs to be saved to enjoy retirement.’

Our efforts in financial planning are about bringing financial serenity to our clients through knowing that they have a well articulated financial plan, and that actions are being taken to meet that plan. 


Investment Portfolio Management

Compound interest was called the ‘eighth wonder of the world’ by Albert Einstein, and this area of Bisonwood combines art and science to responsibly grow a clients investments over time. This means creating and executing a tax-efficient investment plan for a client based on their risk tolerances and investment objectives, which are usually long-term in nature, such as saving for retirement.

Managing an investment portfolio is about a balance of risk against performance, which is done through trade-off choices in a portfolio’s allocation to various asset classes, such as debt-to-equity or domestic-to-international allocations.


Other services

Many of our clients have been with us for 30 years, and through these relationships, we’ve had the fortuity to add value to many aspects of our clients financial lives. This has ranged from traditional value-added services, such as introducing our clients to an accountant or lawyer, to more nuanced areas, such as helping to negotiate a commercial lease or reviewing applications to business school. 

For many clients, we grow from being just a financial resource to becoming a trusted advisor. We love and take great pride in these relationships, and to that extent, we're happy to help clients in any area that we feel we can add value.